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Dive Descriptions and Island Hopping Sites

alegre bancaalegre house reefdiving in alegre

Travel Time: a few minutes by utility boat
Depth: 30 - 60 feet
Skill Level: Novice to Advanced

Description: Located just in front of the resort and with exceptionally easy access. Ideal for beginners and experienced divers. The reef flat is 5 – 8 meters deep and the wall goes down to 50 meters.

Sea Grass Areas: This is one of the few places in Cebu where seahorses can be seen in the wild. If one looks closely and carefully, he may get the chance to see and photograph these rare and elusive animals.

The Wall: Parallel to the shore, the Alegre Housereef alone is 800 meters long and 6 – 45 meters deep. It is highly recommended because of its easy accessibility and abundance of colorful tropical fishes, delicate and intricately shaped soft and hard corals, and other marine life. This reef has a resident barracuda, which is blind in one eye; many giant clams, and is often visited by green turtles which can sometimes be seen during the dive. Large black and red snappers, surgeonfishes, angelfishes, triggerfish, parrot fishes, wrasses, groupers, sweet lips, jacks, schools of fusiliers and other colorful fishes abound. In the small caves in the bottom, one can sometimes see the shy big groupers. This spot is ideal for night diving and photography.

Fish Feeding Station: Experience schools of black snappers, surgeonfishes and smaller reef fishes swarming around you as you feed them with bread or fish chomp 13 – 18 meters from the surface.

Capitancillo Island
Travel Time: 50 minutes by banca
Depth: 30 – 130 feet (10 – 40 meters)
Skill Level: Novice to Advanced

Description: A small island of coralline limestone with a lighthouse. It is named after Capt. Cillo, an American Navy captain who beached his vessel in the island during the war. The island has very little sand on its beaches and is sparsely vegetated. It is uninhabited but is used as a rest stop by local fishermen and for drying their catch and repairing their nets. The profile is a shallow edge leading to the drop-off, with many soft corals growing on the walls. Black corals are easy to find. There are many aquarium and reef fish, and the wide range of pelagic visitors includes jacks and occasional white tip sharks. There are small caves on the drop-off.

Calangaman Island
Travel Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes by banca
Depth: 80 – 100 feet (25 – 30 meters)
Skill Level: Novice to Advanced

Description: An extremely beautiful island surrounded on all sides by powdery white sand beaches with lush foliage and coconut trees. Snorkeling and the natural beauty of the island are its main attraction. The place is ideal for divers and people who just want to relax and enjoy the sun. The sandy portion of the reef offers one the chance to see lots of stingrays. With some luck, one may also get to see thresher sharks and eagle rays.

Hilutungan Island
Travel Time: 2 hours 30 minutes by banca
Depth: 10 – 60 feet (3 – 20 meters)
Skill Level: Novice to advance

Description: A world class marine sanctuary. It offers a tremendous biodiversity of marine life. A virtual paradise of exotic colors and clear tranquil waters. Schools of batfish and surgeonfish swim with divers. Jacks, groupers, barracudas, trumpetfish, sweetlips and needlefish abound in addition to the numerous damselfish, wrasses, basslets, blennies, gobys, angelfish, anthiases, parrotfish, triggerfish, etc. Excellent for underwater photography and video.

Nalusuan Island
Travel Time: 2 hours 15 minutes by banca
Depth: 20 – 60 feet (6 – 20 meters)
Skill Level: Novice to Advance

Description: Groupers and jacks abound. One could feed the schools of batfish by hand. Underwater statues bring another dimension to diving. Hundreds of blue spotted eagle rays on the sandy portion of the sea floor. They can be seen nesting on the bottom or gliding just above the floor. If approached slowly, one can get to a few meters from these shy creatures before they make their hasty retreats. Also excellent for underwater photography.